THE owner of a nursery branded inadequate in its first Ofsted inspection has hit out at the inspecting body for “blowing the problems out of proportion”.

Queensbury Private Day Nursery received the lowest rating from Ofsted following a recent visit.

Concerns raised included babies being left crying in the dark, staff not knowing where important medication is, and issues with safeguarding.

But owner Heather Palmer said all issues raised have already been addressed, and she has complained to Ofsted about the inspector’s conduct.

In the Ofsted report, it said: “The manager does not ensure that staff know where emergency prescription medication is stored for children who have severe allergies.

“The manager does not ensure that all staff understand the safeguarding policy. She also does not ensure that staff follow the nursery procedures for the use of mobile phones when on outings.

“Staff are constantly moved to work in different rooms and other settings. At times, unqualified trainees are left alone with babies and children.

“Staff do not help babies and young children to build strong relationships with them. Some babies and young children are unhappy and do not settle well.

“Staff in the baby room close the external metal security shutters at sleep time. This is extremely noisy and leaves the baby room in total darkness. Babies who are awake cry and become even more upset as they sit in the dark unsupported.

“Staff do not consistently promote healthy lifestyles and do not always provide children with healthy and nutritious food and snacks. They also do not ensure that babies enjoy play and learning experiences outdoors each day.”

One area the nursery was praised in was its story time sessions and promotion of books.

Heather Palmer said she was “devastated” by the inadequate rating.

She said: “We were very disappointed with the outcome, but a lot has been blown out of proportion.

“We are a very good nursery, it was just the wrong inspector on the wrong day, who has beefed it up and made us look bad.

“I have complained to Ofsted, and we have already had our compliance visit and passed with flying colours and we’re now awaiting a revisit. Everything has been addressed and they were more than happy with the nursery.

“I have two other nurseries both rated Good, we do not operate like they have said, we’re not that type of nursery.

“We are passionate about what we do, I was devastated with this result and annoyed with this inspector. Everything was turned around within 24 hours. Parents need to know we are not like they have portrayed us.”