BRADFORD man Muqaddus Khan has just returned from a week-long Ramadan food aid project in Pakistan for the NGO Human Relief Foundation (HRF).

The work, which took place in both Kashmir, and the Attock district, involved distributing food packs to 1,000 impoverished families, and organising a fun day out for a group of orphans.

Muqaddus, who is the North of England's Fundraising & Events Manager for HRF, coordinated the fundraising efforts, logistics and distribution of the aid in Pakistan.

He said: “The 60kg food parcels help some of the poorest people in the areas put food on their tables during Ramadan.

“There are many people at this time whose poverty means their fasts extend far beyond the time we Muslims would normally break our fast.”

He added: “Over the last 28 years, much of our humanitarian work has involved large scale

partnership projects with organisations like UNHCR and the World Food Programme.

“But we hold these small scale projects close to our hearts – which is why we carry them out each year in different parts of the world.

“This year we also had teams distributing food in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as Pakistan.”

While the fundraising and project organisation takes place in Bradford, all food is sourced and bought local to the country, so it benefits the community too.