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Each week, we profile a different member of the Telegraph & Argus Camera Club and publish their favourite images. This week, it's the turn of RIAZ AHMED, a Bradford Council worker from Heaton, Bradford

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How did you get into photography?

My friend got me involved in photographing the crowd and the atmosphere outside Westminster Abbey at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011.

The atmosphere was amazing and I managed to connect with different people from all backgrounds that had travelled from afar.

I fell in love with photography. The camera opened doors to capturing raw emotion of street photography.

From there on I started shooting on the streets of Bradford.

I then built a portfolio of travel photography that involved photographing in Cairo, LA, Grand Canyon, Budapest and Tunisia. They were pure street images of everyday life in the cities.

What inspires me most?

Simply the diversity of human and cultural life. Trying to capture this and to document it inspires me. It is timeless and can be powerful if captured in its raw form.

Also to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and to get to know who you are when you get yourself into an awkward situation on the streets with the camera.

Also great photographers like Don Mccullin and Boogie Photographer inspire with their gritty images.

What’s your favourite kit at the moment?

I have left the DSLR world as it was getting a bit too much carrying large camera and lens. It always drew attention to me.

I have moved to the mirrorless kit. At the moment I am a proud owner of the Fujifilm X T-1, which does the job perfectly and doesn’t break my back after a lengthy shoot.

What would be your advice to a new photographer?

There is no doubt that technology is incredible, but my advice is don’t get too geeky! It can become a hindrance and make your wallet lighter. Practice capturing photographs by taking on a project and you will be amazed how much you improve over time.

Remember the camera is your eye and what you see. The hardware camera is just the tool to capture your vision.

When you have improved your captures and you feel that you want to upgrade, then go ahead and make a small leap within your budget.

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