A Bradford couple have spoken of their terror after "the third very serious accident in 17 months" left a car in their front garden and millimetres from their front door.

Andy Hoyle, 55, and his partner, Jill Hume, 56, live on Green Lane in Wyke and say they are sick of anti-social driving near their house, claiming the Council has done nothing to tackle the problem.

A crash in February 2018 left one of their parked cars damaged on the drive and the latest incident, on Friday, May 3, sparked further concern for the couple.

Mr Hoyle blasted: “It’s the third time in 17 months there has been a very serious accident here, as the church up the road was also damaged in a crash."

Speaking about the most recent incident, on Friday, May 3, Mr Hoyle said there had been a collision involving a Seat Leon and someone in a Polo "who was just innocently minding their own business"

He said: "The cars ended up in our garden. We were actually trapped in our house with a car up to the front door and the bin store and fence smashed to smithereens.

“We put defence posts up after the last crash and although they appear to be broken after what happened on Friday, they and the full bins at least absorbed some of the impact.

He added: “The cars have physically mounted the pavement and anyone could have been killed if they were walking by.

“We’re both scared that next time it could be a lorry that crashes into the lounge and kills us both.”

Ms Hume added: “If we’d opened the front door at that time on Friday we could have died.

“Speeding in general is horrendous here and it is a matter of time before someone is killed. We desperately need a roundabout. We have spoken to the council many times but nothing gets done. The area is dimly lit, poorly marked with no speed bumps or a mini roundabout.”

Mr Hoyle admitted that these bizarre crashes make his insurance claims hard to believe.

He said: “Last time I paid for the fence strengthening myself, but now I will be claiming. But when you’re putting in an insurance claim, it’s hard to explain that you’ve been in a car accident, without actually being in the vehicle.

“I think the person I phoned at the insurance company was a bit baffled when I told him that I was just sat watching TV, with fish and chips and a glass of wine, on Friday.”

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: "We were saddened to hear of the recent collision at this location and are working with the police to determine the circumstances behind it.

"The Council has previously investigated collisions at this junction but a clear pattern hasn’t emerged that points to specific interventions such as additional lighting or road markings. However, we will look into this again and consider additional improvements. The junction’s street lighting will be upgraded as part of the district-wide Smart Street Lighting project."

West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Following a road traffic collision on Green Lane on May 3, a 40-year-old man from Bradford has been charged with driving while over the prescribed limit. He has been charged to appear in court on May 31.”