Bang! went the starting cannon as 1,100 runners set off from Apperley Lane for the 1984 Bradford T&A Marathon, at exactly 11am. The crowd clapped and cheered and took photos of what seemed to be a never-ending mass of runners passing by.

Within six minutes the first of the runners were heading up Leeds Road to Thackley. Just for fun, a few had come in fancy dress. Overall Apperley Bridge proved to be the perfect location as hundreds of people milled about enjoying the carnival atmosphere.

The T&A banner would not stay up above the starting point and there were a few grumbles about leaflets being distributed for the Euro-elections without permission.

One chap dressed as a waiter, complete with tray and glass of water was collecting for the British Heart Foundation, while spectators threw money on to his tray.

All who finished received a round of applause. Some waved to the crowd, some were in pain, some collapsed, and some were carried off on stretchers. But all were glad to receive a medal– and a welcome carton of orange juice.