ANN Lovatt is involved in a rather unique reunion.

The group Scout Leader for 5th Bradford South scout group is hoping to reunite a selection of instruments previously used when the group had a scout band with their funders/players.

Ann, who became involved in the group in 1981 and has been associated with the Scouting and Guiding Movement for more than 50 years, explains the instruments became surplus to requirements when the band ended around the 1990s.

Although they have been able to accommodate them, they have since had to move to a new meeting place with limited storage.

She says members are keen for the instruments to be put back into purpose - and are hoping they can track down those who helped to purchase them, or who previously played them.

The band had an interesting history. Founded in 1915, both the group and band were originally set up during the days when the group met at Tetley Street Baptist Church in Lidget Green, Bradford.

It continued through two world wars and an unfortunate fire. “In 1964 there was a big fire at Tetley Street which destroyed some of meeting halls where the scouts met and kept the band equipment so they needed to start fundraising to replace those instruments,” says Ann.

She says it was down to the generosity of parents, friends, the public and other groups that the band was provided with instruments. The former 39th Bradford South scout group permanently loaned one of its prize valve trumpets, and Mr George Dracup - grandson of the late Alderman G H Robinson J.P, former Lord Mayor who was on the original committee who set up the group - donated a drum.

“We used to have a lot of band competitions,” says Ann.

Among the families and supporters involved in the band and group over the years include:- Miss Annie Smith & family, whose father J S Smith became scout master from 1916 to 1931; Mrs Amy Clewer, mother of George Clewer, the first warranted leader from 1915, who was involved in setting up and running the Wolf Clubs at Tetley Street; Arthur Hayes Scout and Rover scout at Tetley Street during the 1930s - a time when valve bugles were introduced to attempt to play pop music of the day; Norman Reeder whose brother Stanley was also involved; Mrs D Cordingley whose son was a bandsman; Mr and Mrs H A O’Brien; Jack Baldwin; drummer Frank Ellis; Mr and Mrs Walter Halley; Mr and Mrs Wilson; Mr and Mrs Desmond Baker; Mr Kimber & Family; David Walker; Mr and Mrs S J Woollen; Mrs W M Fishwick and The Ald W Marshall Hird.

Despite the band disbanding, largely due to the lack of new members joining and people moving away, it is hoped the instruments could be brought back into use again.

Believed to be one of the oldest scout groups in the district, 5th Bradford Scout group celebrated its centenary in 2015.

Anyone who helped to fundraise, donated or played the instruments can email

By Sally Clifford