A PLAN to build a new housing development on old agricultural land is tipped to be rejected by planning chiefs.

The outline application, lodged by AL Properties Yorkshire, for a development of up to nine dwellings is requesting consideration of access to greenbelt land at Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge.

The proposal is due to be discussed by councillors next Wednesday, May 15, at the Bradford Area Planning Panel. A number of concerns have been raised in response to the plans.

These include fears over infrastructure and that more facilities like schools and doctors' surgeries are needed before new developments are built.

Other objections include the fact that "no element of affordable housing" has been included, the development will add to "already overloaded highways", a negative impact on air quality and fears the development will increase the chance of accidents and the road is already at "over capacity".

One objection highlighted that only one bus goes down the road, forcing people to take their cars and adding to the congestion.

Sue Evans, of Roundhead Fold, wrote on the application: "The amount of development in the last two years has been phenomenal, increasing traffic, footfall and demands on local resources that cannot support the increases.

"Schools, doctors, dentists, highways and local amenities cannot support the increased population. The road at this point is dangerous with people accessing and leaving Woodhouse Grove/Bronte House School. There have been a number of RTA on the bends on the road in this area."

However, others have said the site will turn into a fly tip if not built, the area should contribute towards housing targets, it would help towards the current "housing crisis" and "the choice is between travellers and homes". In recommending the application for refusal, the report says it represents "clearly inappropriate development".

It adds: "In addition, the scale, size and location of the proposal would intrude spatially into the countryside, resulting in urban sprawl.

"This would have a significant impact on openness, which is in conflict with the fundamental aims of greenbelt policy. Substantial weight is given to this clearly identified harm to the openness of the greenbelt. In reaching this conclusion consideration is also given to the site being part of a larger site and drawings submitted alongside supporting information have indicated an intention for a larger development covering a larger part of the site."

On top of that, the report also says there would be "substandard access onto an extremely busy district distributor road resulting in conditions prejudicial to highway safety".

It adds: "This is of particular concern, since there have also been clusters of road traffic accidents around the existing junctions of Apperley Lane/ The Avenue, Apperley Lane / Woodlands Drive and Apperley Lane/ Little Park immediately south of the proposed development site. The creation of another access on this busy classified distributor road is likely to result in further similar accidents occurring."

Planners also say that developing the site for residential purposes would "mar the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside and consequently, there would be an adverse effect on the landscape, character and appearance of the area".