This is the victim impact statement made by the mother of Amriz Iqbal following the conviction of Mohammed Nisar Khan and Tony Grant for his murder.

I am that unlucky, ill-fated and heart-wrenched mother who within two years has had to witness the deaths and burials of my two beautiful sons. My eldest son, who in August 2016 collapsed in the family home and who two days later passed away at Bradford Royal Infirmary due to a brain haemorrhage. Life was never to be the same again. Two long years passed and it was as real and hurtful as the day he left me. How was I to know two years and two months later all this would be repeated during my lifetime?

Amriz was my youngest son and the youngest from all my five children. What can I tell you about him? He was loving and always showed his affections towards me. He would always kiss me on the forehead and say “Mum, you’re my queen.” He had so much love for everyone in his family, his children and neighbours. He cared for everyone and was very considerate.

I still can’t believe that my son is no more.

The barbaric events of 3 October 2018 will always play in my head till the day I die. The day when my beautiful boy was violently and brutally killed by animals who had no mercy or humanity in them. These sirens, the chaos, the uproar that was on the streets of my son’s childhood.

All I could see when I got there was a figure lying there on the grass and lots of blood. I crouched down and moved the hat and I saw Amriz. I shouted out his name but he was lifeless with blood pouring from him as water comes from an open tap. My son lying there. How could that be possible? He was supposed to take his son to the nursery. How did he get there? Why has my Amriz been taken away from me? What did he ever do to anyone?

My son’s life was taken in broad daylight. These people were waiting for my son. They had planned all of this. Oh, how I wish Amriz never walked up that street. My son would still be here today. How can anyone justify what happened to him?

These inhuman people have destroyed the lives of his wife and sons. My grandsons have lost a part of their lives also by the passing of Amriz. Who is going to answer them? My boy loved his sons to the core, he loved them with all his might.

These people didn’t care about the destruction and heartbreak that would be caused to the family and they took my son’s life without any remorse or care.

I hope that the people who took my son’s life never get to live their lives of freedom ever again and I hope they are never allowed back onto the streets to cause heartache and heartbreak to families that are just living everyday life.