This is the victim impact statement made by Amriz Iqbal's widow Nazia Bokhari, read out in court following the conviction of Mohammed Nisar Khan and Tony Grant for her husband's murder.

We were a normal, happy family; my husband Amriz and our two boys.

Our lives revolved around our two boys and Amriz’s son from a previous relationship.

Happily married for almost five years we were devoted to our children, their wellbeing, their development and hopes for the future.

On October 3 2018 our lives changed forever.

I thought to myself “this can’t have happened”. But there was no mistake: this lifeless form was Amriz, my husband, father to my children, my world. His life tragically cut short by the wilful actions of those cruel people who took it upon themselves to run him over and then, not being satisfied with that depth of violence, came out of their car intending to beat him until his last breath, murdering my beloved Amriz – an innocent man who happened to be going about his own business.

I felt numb; paralysed by grief and pain. Why Amriz? He had so much to live for. So many unfulfilled promises, so much humanity and compassion to share.

Amriz was my world and he showed me a life that was based on respect, honesty, dignity and laughter. He taught me how to give without expectations. I would give anything to change places with Amriz, to take away the terror and pain he suffered that day. For the rest of my life, I will feel the guilt that I wasn’t there when he needed me the most. He died on a street 100 yards away from where we lived.

I have to live with the image of Amriz lying dead in the street. I knew it was Amriz, but I did not recognise him. Words can never describe this horror. I will never get that image from my mind.

Family life has changed beyond repair; Amriz should be here. All children should have their father; we are filled with pain and hopelessness. I am now a widow at the age of 31 with two young children to care for. I feel like I will never be a normal person again.

The people responsible for this crime long protested their innocence on social media with arrogance and self-importance, all the while knowing that they had so callously dismissed Amriz’s right to life. These evil men walked uninvited into our lives and destroyed Amriz in pursuit of their own depraved violent gratification. They wrecked our family, so many innocent people, including all the charities he supported. Their contempt for a human life is just beyond comprehension. Just how do you come to terms with someone committing such acts of despicable cruelty?

Amriz was an easy man to love, eager to please, extraordinarily kind and always polite and respectful. He was fun, popular, compassionate and an excellent father and husband. It’s heart-wrenching that our boys will never get to see their father while growing up.

I cherish every moment I spent with Amriz; we have so many happy memories. I can never forget Amriz, even though people keep telling me time’s a healer. For me time has stopped and I will remain his wife until God reunites me with him once again.