On the face of it, nothing much happens in this 4-minute video clip.

As prosecutor Peter Moulson QC said in his closing speech, it was hardly likely to go viral on YouTube or make its 'stars' an overnight sensation.

But those 'stars' - murderers Mohammed Nisar Khan and Tony Grant - knew that it was a vital piece of evidence against them.

So much so that they were prepared to blow up a petrol station to destroy it.

When bungling conspirator Salman Ismail failed in his attempt to arrange the firebombing of the forecourt, the trio tried another tactic: ordering an armed robbery on the same petrol station.


"Give us the footage," the masked raiders shouted - but they left empty-handed after courageous shopkeeper Ilyas Umarji fought them off with a stool.

So what was the footage these three men were so desperate to do away with?

The video, recorded on October 3 2018, shows two men - clearly identifiable as Khan and Grant - pulling in to the forecourt of the Whitehall Road service station in a silver Kia Sedona.

Grant fills the vehicle with fuel while Khan, known thoroughout Bradford as Meggy, goes into the shop kiosk to pay. Whilst there, he buys some bottled water and chocolate bars.

He leaves the kiosk and goes back to the Kia Sedona. The pair get back in the car and drive off, and there the video ends.

Little over an hour later, that car was deliberately driven into Amriz Iqbal and his friend Adnan Ahmed as they crossed the street in Sandford Road.

Mr Iqbal died of catastrophic head injuries after his head hit an unyielding surface. Mr Ahmed was more fortunate and suffered only minor injuries.

Although the prosecution evidence included plenty more CCTV footage of the Kia on its fateful journey from the forecourt to Sandford Road and to Woodcock Farm, where it was later disposed of, this was the only clip in which the driver and front seat passenger could be identified.

Thanks to the failure of their attempts to destroy it, Khan and Grant can add conspiracy to pervert the course of justice to their criminal records alongside the murder convictions delivered at Bradford Crown Court today.

Both will serve life sentences with minimum terms of 26 and 17 years, respectively. Khan was also found guilty of attempting to murder Mr Ahmed.

Salman Ismail, their co-conspirator, was jailed for 17 years for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and arson.