AMRIZ Iqbal’s widow, Nazia Bokhari, made a heartbreaking victim personal statement that was read out in court.

She told how the couple’s lives revolved around their two sons and Mr Iqbal’s son from a previous relationship.

They had been married for five years when, on October 3, 2018, the family’s lives changed forever.

Mrs Bokhari told of her horror and devastation when she arrived at the murder scene to find her husband lying fatally injured on the ground.

“I thought to myself ‘this can’t have happened.’ But there was no mistake; this lifeless form was Amriz, my husband, father to my children, my world,” she stated.


“I felt numb, paralysed by grief and pain. Why Amriz? He had so much to live for. So many unfulfilled promises, so much humanity and compassion to share.”

Mrs Bokhari continued: “I have to live with the image of Amriz lying dead in the street. I knew it was Amriz but I did not recognise him. Words can never describe this horror. I will never get that image from my mind.”

“These evil men walked uninvited into our lives and destroyed Amriz in pursuit of their own depraved violent gratification.”

Mrs Bokhari paid tribute to her husband’s charitable work, saying he was always kind, polite and respectful.

“He was fun, popular, compassionate and an excellent father and husband. It’s heart wrenching that our boys will never get to see their father while growing up.”

Mr Iqbal is survived by his three sons, Harris 15, Yahya three, and Yousef aged just one-year-old.

A statement from the family of Mr Iqbal described the father as "a wonderful human being who lived life to the fullest."

It continued: "He was a loyal and dutiful son to his mother, who only two years previous lost her oldest son, Parvaiz, to a sudden illness. Having to deal with the death of Amriz in such horrific circumstances such a short time after the death, one can only imagine the pain she has had to endure.

"Amriz will be remembered for his uniqueness, for his ability to have a different relationship with all those he came in touch with. He never took life seriously and, as most of his pictures will show, always had a broad cheeky smile or was laughing.

"He was cheeky and quick witted and was able to light up a room with his loud personality. He was a true friend of those closest to him and those closest to him have all undertaken to help in the upbringing of his three sons and support to his wife and mother.

"Amriz had just turned 40 when his life was so brutally taken away from him. Amriz was never aware of the attack on him and we are thankful for the small mercies in this respect. We are thankful that he was able to spend the last moments in the world with the people he loved the most, his mother, wife and sons. He felt happiest when he was at home and on the streets where he grow up and which he loved.

His mother added: “These people didn’t care about their destruction, and the heartbreak that would be caused to the family and they took my son’s life without any remorse or care."