PROSECUTORS and senior police officers have reacted to the long sentences given out to Mohammed Nisar 'Meggy' Khan, Tony Grant and Salman Ismail.

Khan was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26 years, Grant was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 17 years and Ismail will serve a total of 17 years in prison for their involvement in the death of Amriz Iqbal.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Scott, from West Yorkshire Police, said: "Our sympathies are today are with the family of Amriz Iqbal, who was brutally killed in October last year.

"I hope in some way, the sentences that have been laid out today go to find closure for the family of Amriz, who was killed in a brutal manner.

"I hope the family can take this and move forward with their lives.

"I'd like to thank my team who have run this complex investigation and reiterate out sympathies are with the family of Amriz Iqbal.


Thomas Neofytou, of the CPS, said: “Khan used his car as a lethal weapon, mowing down two pedestrians in broad daylight. Despite the defendants’ subsequent attempts to destroy evidence and obstruct the police investigation, painstaking analysis of mobile phone evidence as well as statements provided by witnesses at the scene helped to build a substantial case for the prosecution.

"The jury has found the three men guilty and all these dangerous individuals are now beginning very substantial prison sentences, reflecting the gravity of their criminality.”

Judge Durham Hall commended Detective Chief Inspector Ian Scott and his team for their investigation and excused the jurors from further jury service for ten years.