TOMORROW people across the Bradford District will head to the polls for the local elections.

Thirty seats on Bradford Council - one third of the Council chamber, will be up for grabs and prominent figures such as Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe will be defending her seat.

The main three parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, will be running in each ward, with the Green Party also fielding a candidate in each ward.

UKIP will be fielding candidates in nine wards, and other parties running include The Yorkshire Party and numerous independents.

The Council’s political make up is currently 51 Labour Councillors, 21 Conservatives, nine Liberal Democrats, two Green Party Councillors, two The Independents, two Bradford Independent Party, one Independent, one Queensbury Independent and one Bingley Independent.

Some councillors believe the national feeling over Brexit has left many disillusioned about politics, and may lead to a “dismal” turnout at the polls, and all parties have urged people to have their voices heard.

We asked a spokesman for each party fielding five or more candidates why the people of Bradford should vote for them tomorrow.


“The future direction of the nation is uncertain which is why now, more than ever, it is vital that Bradford District is led by councillors who are ambitious for its success and can deliver.

Under Bradford District Labour our school results are improving with 153 schools in the district now Good or Outstanding. We want them to improve even faster.

Our jobs programme Get Bradford Working out-performs its national equivalents with over 3,000 people who were unemployed, now having found work through this route.

In the first year since our district economic strategy was launched, we’ve seen impressive results. Over 4,000 new businesses launched – the 9th highest in the UK – and 6,500 jobs created.

Bradford Labour is building a district that rewards those who play by the rules. We are cracking down on litter and fly-tipping.

Like any big city we have challenges, not least the cuts from the Government in Westminster on local council budgets, the biggest in history. But we will not have our ambition for the district stifled by these cuts. We have plans to grow our economy, creating jobs, attracting investment and making sure there is more money in people’s pockets at the end of the working week. By voting for Bradford Labour, you are voting for a better, more prosperous district.


“It saddens me to hear the words ‘I’m not bothering this time’ all too frequently from Constituents that are fed up of politics. Others are able to distinguish between local and national positions but then there is confusion between City and Town/Parrish elections compounded by the arrival of EU polling cards on the doorstep. Left hand and right spring to mind and I’m sure there will be reasons but some one (again) has not thought it through, making the job even more difficult for our local Politicians. Councillors should feel nervous in the run up to tomorrow if not then they are complacent and need removing anyway.

“The Conservatives are performing well across the District – refreshingly with some young and Asian business owners standing for Council. Whilst the candidates may not get pole position this time I anticipate a resurgence of support ‘back to blue’ which can be capitalised on in the future. It is important to close the gap between the two main Parties in City Hall if we are to have debates of any real value. The feeling is that Brexit will result in a dismal turnout ‘not bothering’ will surely only extend the turmoil across all Parties and therefore balance out. The only real effect could be the weather.”


“Liberal Democrat Councillors believe that the best solutions are found by people working together. The Liberal Democrat Team across Bradford will work together and focus on:

• Raising standards of educational achievement and restoring the cuts made to services to children and young people

• Building homes that meet our needs, registering private landlords and shaming those that break the law

• Supporting the care system to properly look after vulnerable people and their carers

• Increasing the number of jobs and raising skill levels so we have people able to work in services to peoples’ health, manufacturing, construction, care and able to use new technology

• Supporting the whole community to feel safe, treated honestly and fairly and making sure that the Police get the resources, skills and training to do their job

• Creating a District that is clean and green, with a waste management system that works both above and below ground, and ensuring our District is resilient to flooding.

This election will not change who runs the Country or sort out the mess in Westminster. It is about voting for the person who will fight against cuts to vital services and challenge how the money raised from your Council Tax is spent. I believe that the best people to do that are Liberal Democrats.”


“The Green Party is different. We’re not part of the political establishment. We listen to you. And we are honest about the crisis facing our country and our city.

“Cuts in funding from Westminster have left Bradford Council having to make impossible choices. This has meant massive cuts to Children’s services, street lights not being repaired for months and fly tipping is now out of control.

“Whilst this is happening, the other parties are too busy fighting amongst themselves.

“Politics is letting us all down.

“Bradford Council is failing to tackle the fly tipping epidemic facing our city; failing to tackle the crippling congestion that grips our city and; failing to listen to local communities when decisions are being made about the area they call home.

“But we believe there is hope.

“Last year, across the country, a record number of Green councillors were elected and Greens are making a real difference to communities they represent. Here in Bradford, Green councillors have made a real difference for their community - whether that is bringing ideas to tackle air pollution or protecting our local parks.

“On May 2, you can send a message to politicians, that you want that change. Real change.

“This year, make change happen. Vote Green!”


“On May 2 the people of Bradford have a choice to make, vote for the same old, Tory or Labour and get no changes, nothing fresh or new in City Hall or they can be brave, bold and make a change.

As we have campaigned in the last few weeks, we have been told two things, firstly the outlying towns and villages feel very left behind, their council taxes, which rise year on year result in worsening services. They see the erosion of their transport links, children and elderly care services and the decline in road repairs & street cleansing whilst crime and dangerous driving is on the rise.

Secondly the Labour and Conservatives have abandoned their manifesto promises to honour the referendum on Brexit. Your vote has been vacated by both parties, the Lib-Dems never had any intention of honouring the leave vote.

Now, you dare not grow old under the Tories due to their pernicious plans for the over fifties. Labour are lost in a mire of antisemitism and racism. The Lib-Dems have no voice and nothing to offer. So Ukip are asking the people of Bradford to be bold, be brave and make the change long overdue in City Hall and vote Ukip on May 2.”

The votes will be counted on Friday, with results expected throughout the day. The Telegraph & Argus will be running a live blog on the election starting on Friday morning.



When you head to the polling station tomorrow you will be voting for one of the three local Councillors that represent your ward.

Bradford Council has 90 Councillors - three representing each of the district’s 30 wards.

There are local elections three out of every four years, meaning each Councillor defends their seat every four years.

Each voter is only able to vote for a Councillor in their own ward.

A number of readers have called for people to “vote out” local MPs at this election over the government’s handling of Brexit. However, this election is only for Councillors.


Councillors make decisions on Council Tax levels, how the district’s budget is spent and have a say on innumerable other issues, from library services to planning applications.


Bradford Councillors are not paid for being Councillors.

Each Councillor is given a basic allowance of £13,042 to “recognise councillor commitments including time spent in meetings with officers and constituents, and attendance at political meetings.” It also covers any additional expenses such as using their homes and telephones.

Councillors with further responsibilities, such as chairs of Council committees and members of the decision making Executive, are given a Special Responsibility Allowance. In 2018 this included £37,056 to leader Susan Hinchcliffe and just under £26,000 to other Executive members.


People sometimes say they will boycott an election, or spoil their ballot, to “send a message” to politicians. However, not voting means you are giving up your say on how the area is run. Voting is more likely to make a change than not voting.

The full list of candidates


DUNK, Carl Andrew - Green Party

PLACE, Stephen Anthony - UKIP

POLLARD, Mike - Conservative

SUTTON, Thomas George - Labour Party

WILKINSON, David John - Liberal Democrats


CHENEY, Glen - Liberal Democrats

DEARDEN, Marcus Peter - Labour

DRUCQUER, Rachael Katharine - Green Party

SHAW, Mark Christopher John - Ind

WINNARD, Geoff - Conservative


BARANOWSKI, Helen - Liberal Democrats

MIAH, Mohammed Ashraf - Labour

NEWHAM, Brian - Green Party

SULLIVAN, Paul Gerald - Conservative


CHOUDHRY, Suhail Mushtaq - Labour Party

GAZI, Jafrul Kabir - Liberal Democrats

SHARP, Jasmine - Green Party

SINGH, Ranbir - Conservative


KHAN, Imran Ahmed - Labour Party

MAHMOOD, Ansar - Conservative

SAFI, Aryan - Liberal Democrats

STANFORD, Andrew John - Green Party


ALI, Amjad - Liberal Democrats

HUSSAIN, Zubair - Conservative

IQBAL, Zafar - Labour Party

MCGOLDRICK, Julia Louise - Green Party


IQBAL, Abid - Liberal Democrats

LAL, Shakeela Jan - Labour Party

WHITELEY, Geoff - Conservative

WOOLLARD, Charlotte Mary Merope - Green Party


AKHTAR, Sajid - Conservative

COTTERILL, Steven Michael - Liberal Democrats

MAY, Susan - Green Party

THIRKILL, Carol Ann - Labour Party


ATKINSON, Chris - Independent

GOODALL, Owen Michael - Conservative

KAYE, Peter John - The Yorkshire Party

LOUD, David Andrew - Labour Party

MANN, Paul Michael - Liberal Democrats

WHITAKER, Caroline - Green Party


ALIPOOR, Margaret - Labour Party

BARRAS, Lara Joy - The Yorkshire Party

BOOTA, Harry - Conservative

DICK, Sarah Elizabeth - Green Party

KNOX, Susan - Liberal Democrats



HALL, Lesley Margaret - Green Party

HUSSAIN, Tariq - Labour Party

SAKHAWAT, Kamran - Conservative

WHITRICK, Mary - Liberal Democrats


AMRAN, Mohammed - Labour Party

HICKSON, Celia Ruth - Green Party

HUSSAIN, Awais Ahmed - Conservative

RIACH, Ines Linda - Liberal Democrats



LAWRENCE, Tess - Green Party

MITCHELL, Alex - Labour Party

SKINNER, Rasjid - Conservative

SUNDERLAND, Jeanette - Liberal Democrats


BROWN, Ros - Green Party

FRANKS, Thomas Robert - Liberal Democrats

GREEN, Kyle Jameson - Conservative

STEWARD, Kath - Labour Party


ALI, Zafar - Conservative

BACON, Cath - Labour Party

RUSSELL, Peter Shannon - Liberal Democrats

SWALES, Allan Ralph - Green Party


CORKINDALE, Peter Allan Gilchrist - Conservative

JACKSON, Trudie Jane - Green Party

JONES, Bob - Liberal Democrats

LEE, Doreen - Labour Party



COLE, John Malcolm Charles - Liberal Democrats

KIRBY, John Stevens - Conservative

LINTERN, Julie - Labour Party


ALI AROBI, Nurjahan - Green Party

HUSSAIN, Ghazanfar - Conservative

SALAM, Taj Mubarik - Labour Party

VIPOND, Ian - Liberal Democrats


AKHTAR, Sameena - Labour Party

BARNES, Bruce William - Green Party

HUSSAIN, Jawad - Conservative

PICKARD, Anthea Lynne - Liberal Democrats


BIBBY, Matthew Hywel - Conservative

DODWELL, Eithne Mary - Green Party

DOUGHERTY, Christopher John - Liberal Democrats

DUGGAN, Terry John - UKIP

WAGSTER, Eve Honey - Labour Party


DEVONSHIRE, Shauna Ann - Liberal Democrats

HODGSON, Derrick John - UKIP

SERVANT, David John - Conservative

TAIT, Angela - Labour Party

WORSNOP, Phil - Green Party


BLUNDELL, Stephen Robert - Labour Party

JONES, Caroline Rosemary - Liberal Democrats

LONGHORN, Darren James - The Yorkshire Party

QUARRIE, Andrew - Conservative Party

WARNES, Kevin Robert - Green Party


BERRY, John Samuel Frederick - Conservative

DUFFY, Susan - Labour Party

HUNT, James - Liberal Democrats

WATSON, Anna Georgina - Green Party


DOBIECH, Sean - Green Party

MIDDLETON, Howard - Liberal Democrats

RASHAD, Haseeb - Conservative

SHAHEEN, Fozia - Labour Party


EDWARDS, Matt - Green Party

MUKHTAR, Kausar - Labour Party

OBA, Sylvia Martha Amisi - Liberal Democrats

STEAD, Lincoln - UKIP

WARD, Eddie - Conservative


HAYDEN, Chris - Labour and Co-operative Party

NEEDLE, Jamie Luke - Liberal Democrats

TURNER, Chris - Green Party

WHITELEY, Jackie - Conservative


BERRY, Ralph David Ritchie - Labour and Co-operative Party

BOULTON, Brian James - Liberal Democrats

CROSBY, Stephen John - Democrats and Veterans Party

HAINSWORTH, Richard Michael - UKIP

SHEARD, Richard Ian - Conservative

STEVENS, David Edward - Green Party


HINCHCLIFFE, Susan Kathryn - Labour Party

LOVE, Helen - Green Party

THORNE, Gillian - Liberal Democrats


WILLIAMS, Stephen John - Conservative Party


ILYAS, Faiz - Labour Party

KIRKHAM, Kay - Liberal Democrats

POULSEN, Rebecca - Conservative Party

RUSSELL, Janet Ann - Green Party


FERRIBY, Sarah - Labour Party

HALL, Kevin Anthony - Liberal Democrats

LEWTHWAITE, James Graham - British Democrats stop immigration leave EU

PARKINSON, Darren James - Green Party

STEFANYSZYN, Francesca Louise - Conservative Party