TWO nurseries in the district which were branded inadequate by Ofsted late last year have both bounced back to regain their Good ratings following recent inspections.

St John's Under 5's Pre-School, based at St John's Parish Church in Great Horton, and Little Ducklings Creche in Windhill, have swiftly turned their fortunes around in just six months after last year's damning inspections.

Issues with safeguarding and assessing children's learning were raised at St John's, and at Little Ducklings there were concerns about it "chaotic environment" and poor hygiene.

But the two providers are now Good again, after visits from Ofsted inspectors.

Of St John's, inspectors said: "The manager and staff have made vast improvements since the previous inspection.

They have worked relentlessly to address gaps in practice.

Children are provided with excellent opportunities to develop their literacy skills. Staff positively join in with children's learning, carefully following their lead.

"Children are provided with healthy options during mealtimes. They follow excellent hygiene practices and are reminded about how to prevent germs from spreading.

"Children behave very well. They form excellent friendships, learn to share and take turns and develop a good understanding of how their behaviours impact on others."

Regarding Little Ducklings, Ofsted added: "Children make good progress in their learning and are developing skills for future learning.

"Staff stringently monitor access to the creche. They identify, minimise or manage potential hazards within the indoor and outdoor environment to keep children safe.

"The provider, manager and staff have a strong commitment and drive to improve. This is reflected in extensive self-evaluation that includes the views of children and parents. This clearly contributes to the good progress made since the last inspection.

"Children form secure emotional attachments to staff. They have good levels of confidence and self-esteem and build early friendships as they play."

While both settings have vastly improved in a short space of time, there were still some areas for improvement to be made identified by Ofsted.

St John's was told to create more chances for parents to get involved in activities, and to improve management of its staff performance.

Little Ducklings was told to give children more opportunities to develop self-care routines and independence, and to develop literacy and maths learning for children who prefer to learn while outdoors.