SIX children disappear from Baildon under mysterious circumstances.

Five years later they reappear, but no one knows where they have been and strange things start to happen.

The eerie scenario plays out in Abduction, a story created by Bradford filmmaker Adam Mawson, who has made a short screenplay telling one of the tales from the main feature.

“I have nearly completed filming the short, which tells the story of what happened to one of the children that vanished,” says Adam, who hopes his work can be developed into a science-fiction mini-series.

“I came up with the idea more than ten years ago, along with other original film ideas, as I was sick of the recycled genres on TV such as cop shows, hospital series and periodic dramas.”

The film stars actor Danny Cunningham, who has appeared in Soldier Soldier and played Shaun Ryder in 24 hour Party People.

“We talked about making a short film telling the story of one of the children’s abductions from the feature which also could be classed as a pilot. It tells the human side of the aftermath of what is left behind when a child is taken from his loving family,” he says.

“Danny plays Kevin, a broken man whose only child is one of the six who disappear.

He also loses his loving wife Lindsey, who turned to alcohol after the disappearance of their son. Lindsey had asked Harvey to get some wood from the log storage box in the garden when he vanished and she never forgave herself.”

Adam’s son Harvey stars as one of the abducted youngsters, also called Harvey. “When we were filming he was scared of the dark, which was brilliant,” says Adam.

Jez Marshall, who appears as an extra in shows including Coronation Street, plays a journalist who interviews Danny.

In the film the children are returned to their families.

“Now it’s 2019: Kevin hears a knock on the back door to his shock it’s Harvey. He looks exactly the same as the night he vanished, even wearing the same clothes. The other children also appear from where they were last seen and not one of them has any recollection of where they’ve been for the past five years. To him it seems like just a couple of minutes have passed.”

They try and rebuild their lives, but strange things start to happen - the children display special abilities and people start vanishing without a trace.

Adam, who enjoys a wide range of film genre from horror, science fiction to action, plans to take Abduction to Cannes Film Festival and enter it into other festivals.

“I have also been in contact with producers and directors who have worked with Steven Spielberg on many of his features and also with Richard Botto the director of Stage 32 based in Los Angeles and producer Shaun O’Banion who has also mentored me.”

Self-taught, he made the short with no budget. “Not many things have been filmed here and nothing similar to this, so it would be a great opportunity to put West Yorkshire, and Baildon in particular, on the map,” he says.

A former pupil at Hanson Upper School - formerly Bradford Academy - in Swain House, Adam’s interest in film developed at an early age. “In the summer holidays I made short films with my friends using my dad’s video camera and learned do to my own special effects on the computer,” he says. “I used to love watching Spielberg movies that used special effects, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws and ET.”

Adam and his wife Lindsey, who live in Baildon, run Artylicious, a company specialising in designing and selling personalised gifts and printed roller blinds.

He adds: “I didn’t study film at college or university - I just have a passion for it and they say if you have that then you should be able to make a good one.”

Adam has in the past also worked as a TV supporting artist, in popular shows including Emmerdale, DCI Banks and Diamond