Each week, we profile a different member of the Telegraph & Argus Camera Club and publish their favourite images. This week, it's the turn of AKHLAQ AHMED, of Heaton, Bradford

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How did you get into photography?

It was through seeing other photographers work on social media and magazines.

I always had a passion for photography, but finally purchased my new camera seven years ago when I started to take photos. I then had my work published in the very same photography magazines I used to read before actually becoming a photographer myself.

Who or what inspires you most?

Seeing photography magazines and and reading about other photographers inspires me the most. This motivates me, in the hope I can achieve something similar if not better.

What’s your favourite kit at the moment?

The Lumix GH Series camera by Panasonic is my favourite at the moment.

As I am also a videographer, I think the GH cameras are just perfect with its crisp, quality resolution.

I’m also a big fan of the DJI cameras and gadgets such as the drones and Osmo, which I own myself.

What would be your advice for any new photographers?

If you have a passion for photography then follow your dream.

As a new photographer, this does not mean you need to start of with an expensive camera. Start from the cheapest and work your way up. It’s not always about the price of the camera, but the person who is taking the photograph.

Tell us about some of your favourite shots

This is my favourite photo and it has proven to be popular on social media. It was taken at Harold Park in Low Moor on a cold, wintry day.

The image of the girl leaning on a tree was taken near the Cow and Calf rocks overlooking Ilkley. I planned how I wanted the image in my head, along with the colours. This photo has proved very popular on social media and got so many likes.

The image of the man leaning on a tree in a park is one of my favourites because I wanted to get the colours and graphics correct, including the model’s pose.

To get in touch with Akhlaq:

Email akhlaq@hotmail.co.uk
Phone 07746 341492
Visit aaphoto-design.com

Enjoy taking pictures? Join the Telegraph & Argus Camera Club Facebook group