An aspiring Bradford model who has set up a charity to help victims of the Kashmir and Pakistan earthquake has extended his help to youngsters from the district with learning disabilities.

Imran Khan, 25, of Lister View, Manningham, set up Khancan to help rebuild villages and schools in the areas of Muzaffarabad, Rawalpindi and Gujaran after the 2005 South Asian earthquake.

Now he wants to help children with disabilities here in Bradford.

Mr Khan, who struggled through school with dyslexia, said he could empathise with these youngsters.

He said: "I suffered from dyslexia and teachers at school and my mum and dad at home thought I was just messing about.

"It is important that these children have help, and I want to give them a chance in life."

Mr Khan has already raised thousands of pounds at fashion shows in Bradford.