THE owner of a new Bradford music venue says he wants his latest venture to remind a more mature clientele “what it used to be like when they went out on the town”.

Fifty-year-old Jason Brooks, from Leeds, is opening Tapestry - Arts, Performance, Eats, Studios venue - on Factory Street in Dudley Hill.

His background is as a musician and record producer and he already owns the popular Beat Street Studio in Leeds.

Mr Brooks, who hopes Tapestry will be open by the end of May, said: “We want to have some nostalgia, having people remember what it used to be like when they went out on the town.

“It’s perhaps a venue which will cater for a more mature clientele, from areas that are within a £5 taxi ride.

“There’s not a lot going on music-wise in Dudley Hill either so this should be good for the area.

“It will create some jobs and hopefully become an out-of-town destination point.

“At the venue, we want to have low-key stuff, like acoustic acts.

“We’ve actually had a few death metal bands enquire about recording space but they’re just not right for the building.

“It’s not totally soundproof and these bands inherently play at such a volume that it might be a struggle keeping everyone happy.

“It’s something we would consider in the future as the building develops though. We essentially just want it to be a good, usable space for nice people.”

The complex has a 275-capacity venue, six rehearsal/production rooms and two recording studios.

Tapestry has confirmed on Facebook that it still has a couple of large (7m x 5m) rooms and a small project studio available for long term let.

Mr Brooks said he would eventually like to get an area of the complex set up to sell high-quality, used musical equipment.

Mr Brooks said: “We’ve got large office space to rent out, which should have room for six or seven designers or anyone from an artistic background that wants to grow their business there.

“We’d also like to do cool things like put on comedy nights too. We’ve got a cafe we’ll be opening there and we’ve also had a 4am licence approved. We probably won’t use it too much, and I’m not sure we’ll even be open on weekdays, but it’s nice to have.

“Experimentation is going to happen. There’s things that we’ll develop and others that don’t evolve.

“Ultimately it’s a local arts complex where we want to get the community involved.”

Mr Brooks admitted that progress had been slower than he would have liked, but that the venue was well on its way. He said: “I’m now pushing for us to be ready for the end of May.”