In April 1980, rock superstars Genesis played their much-awaited concert at St. George’s Hall, in front of nearly 2,000 delighted fans. The show was a major Spectacular and was considered the highlight of Bradford’s pop calendar that year.

A long queue of fans had almost surrounded St. George’s Hall and the Telegraph & Argus building, waiting for the doors to open

A police spokesman said everybody was well-behaved, and the concert had been a complete success.

The only black spot on the otherwise colourful event was the presence of ticket touts, as scores of fans turned up in the hope they would be able to get tickets at the last-minute.

For Bradford’s police force the whole event had kept them busy, right from the minute that the tickets had gone on sale in January, as hundreds of fans spent the night sleeping on pavements and in the car parks.

Although there was no violence during the night, the fire Brigade was twice called out to extinguish fires and refuse men were out early clearing up a mountain of rubbish.

As the crowd grew at day-break and spilled on to the roads, it became clear that more police were needed to keep order and over 20 officers from Bradford Central Division and surrounding areas were on duty by nine o’clock.

Despite the freezing cold, everyone seemed to get through the night all right and Bradford Ambulance service did not receive a single call.

• Were you one of the lucky few?