THE Big O is celebrated at King's Hall in Ilkley this spring. Singer Barry Steele takes to the stage in The Roy Orbison Story, joined by a five-piece band and guest pianist Boogie Williams.

As well as the hits, the show includes original material written but never sung by Orbison. "It's a multi-media show, with a big screen featuring live streaming and images from the life and times of Roy Orbison, considered to be one of the best singers the world has ever known," says Barry, whose Roy Orbison journey began on a family holiday in Cornwall in 2001. "That's when I took the first steps to becoming a professional singer, when my wife Lynne and daughter Leonie entered me into a competition," he says. "A fellow competitor said, 'You sound just like Roy Orbison singing Robbie Williams!' So with the help of family and friends, a tribute to The Big ‘O’ was born."

With so many songs to choose from, how does he pick what to include in the show? "We use feedback from the audience and of course we sing the best-sellers, but there are a few surprises in this year’s show," says Barry. Orbison is known as a balladeer, but he also recorded and performed rocky and contemporary songs. His songs are timeless.

The show, on May 3, also features hits by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Procol Harum, Del Shannon, ELO and the Spencer Davis Group and ends with the cast paying homage to the Travelling Wilburys.