A GROUP set up to improve Bradford's Becks has urged the Council to work faster to help install signage along its route.

Bradford Council's Regeneration and Environment Scrutiny Committee received an annual update from the Friends of Bradford Beck at a meeting in City Hall on Tuesday.

During the report, Barney Lerner, from the Friends group, said the partnership between the group and Bradford Council had led to "lots of good things" in recent years.

But he said a project to install 20 signposts on the length of the waterway, directing people to the different stretches of the beck, had stalled due to Council inaction.

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The report said the group was currently dealing with three separate Council departments to try and move the signage project forward.

He said: "Four years ago we agreed with Council officers that they would help us with this. We would pay, but the Council would do the installations.

"Nothing has happened. I would be grateful if the committee could put pressure in the assistant director to do something."

He was then informed that Assistant Director for Planning, Transport and Highways, was sat at the back of the room.

Mr Jackson said: "We have always been supportive of the Friends of the Beck." He said he would look into the stalled signpost project.