A BRADFORD woman who has never had a boyfriend is featuring in the latest Channel 4 series, First Dates.

Claire Butterfield, 37, said the reality dating show, now in its 12th series, gave her more confidence as a ‘larger’ lady to meet someone as she wants to find love and start a family.

“I feel my biological clock is ticking away,” said Miss Butterfield, an IT project manager, from Cutler Heights.

“I want to find love and have a family of my own. I have had dates in the past but I have never had a relationship. I have never found that spark or chemistry to take things further and have never had a boyfriend.

“I don’t have a lot of confidence. Even though my friends say the opposite, as a size 20 I have felt unattractive as society today tells you it is not personality that counts, it’s being a size six. I’d like to change that to ‘as long as the person is healthy, it shouldn’t matter’,” she said adding that no one should feel they should have to change in order to fit a particular stereotype.

She said: “I regard myself as healthy. I played rugby and do like who I am but I do have a confidence problem which is holding me back.

“I have had an amazing life; full and jam-packed, it’s just that no one has wanted to share it with me.


“Being on the show was fabulous and it changed my perception on what is important. I came out with my head held high,” she said.

Filming for the series took place in October and the first episode aired last night.

“It was all very quick from the moment I applied,” she added.

“I sent the application off on the Tuesday. By Wednesday the producers had got back to me and I had a Skype interview with them and then a week later I was in auditions.

"Thousands had entered so I was thrilled to have been picked to be filmed. It was a fantastic experience but I have to admit it was a bit nerve wracking.”

The series was filmed at St Paul’s Cathedral Restaurant, in London, with an eclectic mix of contestants.

“There were all sorts of people there, some of them quite odd-ball, but brilliant. There was even a couple aged 97 and 102 who went on a date.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and the producers told me they loved filming my date.”

Miss Butterfield, who does use dating sites to try and find Mr Right, was matched with Mark, from Liverpool, who was very outgoing and friendly.

“We got on so well. It was as if we had known each other all our lives and we chatted and chatted non stop and we both agreed to go on a second date.”

Miss Butterfield said she does not know which of the episodes she is going to appear in but is looking forward to seeing it and hopes her new-found confidence will lead to a serious relationship in the future.