A MURDER accused was secretly recorded in prison saying that even his solicitor had laughed at part of the Crown’s case against him.

Conversations were recorded between Mohammed Nisar Khan, known as Meggy, and visitors he received while on remand in prison, Bradford Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Detective Sergeant Zaheer Abbas, of West Yorkshire Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET) said he was tasked to oversee the operation to covertly record prison phone calls and visits of Khan and co-accused Tony Grant.

Khan was in HMP Hull at the time and Grant in HMP Leeds, DS Abbas told the jury.

The calls and visits were recorded, listened to and transcribed, and parts played to the jury. The names of the visitors were not disclosed to the court.

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Khan, 41, of Holme Lane, Tong, Bradford, and Grant, 39, of Queens Road, Bradford, deny murdering Amriz Iqbal and attempting to murder Adnan Ahmed in Sandford Road, Bradford Moor, on October 3.

They also deny conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, along with Salman Ismail, 31, of Hollin Road, Shipley, Bradford, and Nadeem Khan, 35, of Gledhow Wood Road, Roundhay, Leeds.

Mr Iqbal, 40, a father of three, of Curzon Road, Bradford Moor, was fatally injured when his head struck a hard object after he was thrown in the air. Mr Ahmed, 32, dislocated his shoulder in the impact.

Prosecutor Peter Moulson QC alleges that a silver Kia Sedona deliberately accelerated towards the two pedestrians when they were in clear view of the driver.

Tony Grant’s barrister, Tim Raggatt QC, has told the jury there was “no issue” that his client was in the front seat of the vehicle during the collision.

In a secret recording at Hull Prison in November last year, Mohammed Nisar Khan said he was not in the vehicle at the time.

“An hour before, I got dropped off at home,” he states.

And, talking about the identity of the driver, Khan says: “Til this day, the motherf***ers haven’t done a VIPA [video identity parade] on me.”

Then he repeats: “So, obviously, I am at home.”

Khan also says: “The only thing they’ve got is me putting petrol in the car.

“Now that’s not enough to convict me on a thing an hour before.”

At one stage, Khan’s visitor refers to the passengers in the Kia Sedona at the time of the fatal collision.

“Them there f***ing five guys, they probably get done for manslaughter.”

Soon afterwards, Khan says: “No. The car’s not done it, his head’s hit a tree.”

He adds: “That’s how they were saying he’s passed away.”

Khan goes on: “There’s no evidence to show that they’ve been assaulted.”

After Khan has viewed CCTV footage of the Kia Sedona travelling down Sandford Road, hitting the men, reversing back to the scene and driving off, tyres screeching, he says: “Zoomed and zoomed and tyring and just can see a little glimpse of a blurred picture. Even my solicitor laughed at that.”

“Clutching at straws,” his visitor says, referring to the prosecution case.

“Yes, that just shows how desperate they are,” Khan replies.

He then again states that he was not driving the vehicle.

“I said ‘f*** them’ I said. ‘I ain’t done that.’ I said ‘They know I ain’t done it.’ I said ‘I’ve got an alibi’.”

Again, repeating that he was at home at the time, Khan says: “How can I put my hand up for summat what I ain’t done?”

Grant’s recordings played to the jury began with him telling his visitor: “They put eight interviews to Meggy an’ no commented them all.”

He continues shortly afterwards: “So, the worst case scenario, they need the driver.”

Grant says the vehicle has been picked up on CCTV when it is being refuelled.

Describing footage of the collision, he says: “Two of them walking there. Car slows right down. One guy falls on the floor and one spins in the air and hits a tree.”

“So, they are saying I’m the passenger, but the passenger did nothing,”

Grant tells his visitor he knows nothing about a bid to “blow up” the petrol station or “armed rob it.”

“It’s only circumstantial evidence,” he later states.

“From that point, the driver and only the driver made that decision to run them over.”

Grant goes on to say: “I can’t name anyone. I ain’t going on that route.

If he does, he’ll “get his legs broke,” he states.

“How many was in the car?” asks a visitor.


“Really? Big car then.”

“Seven seater.”

When discussing what evidence the police have, Grant says at one point: “It’s all dodgy, sketchy, blah blah blah.”

The trial continues.