THE name of Bradford’s newest church, which will overlook Bradford city centre, has been revealed by the Church of England.

The new £4.6 million Christian worship centre, which will open next month, will be called the Fountains Church.

The centre’s name is named after the iconic fountains in City Park’s Mirror Pool, which the church will overlook.

Due to opened in a former nightclub in the city, the Fountains Church will start life in the Glyde House in Little Horton Lane on May 7.

Reverend Linda Maslen, who is the head of the project and was born and bred in Bradford, explained the meaning behind the new church’s name.

She said: ““Of course, Fountains Church refers to the wonderful fountains in front of City Hall, but also to ”’Fountains of Living Water” - one of the ways that God describes himself.

“And, like water, we want the church to be a blessing to the people of Bradford bringing life, hope and love.

“Easter also reminds us of our hope found in the resurrected Jesus and how life is springing up around us.

“These thoughts are firmly in the mind of the Fountains Church team.”

The project for Fountains Church has been developed by the Bradford Episcopal Area of the Church of England at the Diocese of Leeds, and has been supported by a £3.1 million grant from the national Church Commissioners’ Strategic Investment Board, with a further £1.5 million to be raised from other sources.

The multi-million pound funding will be spread over the nest six years and will pay for necessary building works plus the establishment of a strong and energetic church team who will develop the church going forward and make it into a centre of real influence.

Toby Howarth, the Bishop of Bradford, explained the plans for the new church.

He said: “Fountains Church will have a strong Bradford identity; young, entrepreneurial, ethnically and culturally diverse and confident about holding out a clear religious offer and call in the public space.

“It will have a mandate from the start to grow and send folk out to plant new churches and revitalise existing congregations around the area.”

Archdeacon Andy Jolley, from Bradford Episcopal Area, added: “I’m delighted we can announce the name Fountains Church and we hope and pray it will give spiritual refreshment right in the city centre.

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, leader of Bradford Council, said: “It’s great to see the Anglican Church making such a significant investment in the city.

“Like us, they have faith in the city and what we are creating here. This new investment further enriches the spaces for faith in the city centre and we gladly welcome it.”

The first prayer meeting of the Fountains Church will take place at 7pm on Tuesday, May 7, at the Glyde House in Little Horton Lane, opposite Bradford Ice Arena in the city centre.