THE 46th Day of Dance took place at Victoria Hall in Saltaire yesterday, with hundreds of performers putting their best foot forward to raise money for Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

The ever-popular community event featured 32 types of dance over four timeslots throughout the day, with modern crazes paired up with some timeless classics.

Yorkshire CND's Catherine Bann explained: "We try and put new ones into the mix, like our Tribal Fusion Mix, which will see people wearing very interesting clothes.

"We've also brought back Poi (a Maori dance), which we've not had for a few years and we're also trying out Family Musical Theatre for the first time.

"This brings adults and children together to try and stage a West End number.

"But we also have some classics that people would be upset if we didn't include, like the Charleston and the Tango.

"Our regulars that come every year enjoy the variety though. They come to meet old friends and also to make new ones too."

"The Day of Dance has built up over the years and become an institution. People look forward to it for months."

There is a serious side to the event however, with Ms Bann admitting that the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is more important than ever.

She said: "Atomic scientists have put the Doomsday Clock at two minutes to midnight, which is the closest to the apocalypse we've ever been.

"Donald Trump is at the helm in America and he is withdrawing them from important nuclear treaties.

"Less cordial relations between the US and China and the US and Russia mean that things are even more febrile than in the 1980s, when we nearly had a nuclear war.

"Then there's climate change and peace threats to add into the mix."

There lies the objective for the adults and children at Victoria Hall then. Enjoy a fabulous day of dancing, and you could have the added bonus of saving the world too.