WIBSEY was the scene this morning for impressive spring clean, with over two tonnes of rubbish shifted from Scaly Hills.

Councillor Ralph Berry tweeted about the community event, which he attended along with fellow Wibsey ward councillors, Sabiya Khan and Dave Green.

He thanked residents for their incredible efforts, along with neighbourhood staff from Bradford Council.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, Cllr Berry (Labour, Wibsey) said: "It was probably the biggest clean up I can remember in the ward.

"It really is shocking the deliberate and malicious intent with which a lot of this trade waste has been dumped.

"A lot of it looked like builders' rubble, along with waste that had been left behind from people drinking up there.

"But today's event has brought people together. We're looking to create a positive environment up there by doing things like planting trees.

"We also found Yorkshire stone in the bushes during the clean up. It came from some lovely steps that had been demolished so we put them back too.

"We put posters up around the area warning people not to dump stuff. The volume of rubbish was just incredible but it looks so much better now.

"Unfortunately, if you walk on a bit further, you know there'll be other parts of the hill which need just as big a clean up. There are still jobs to do."

The event was one of many tidying up operations in Bradford over this week, which are taking place as part of the Great Bradford Spring Clean, running from March 25 to April 24.