DRAMATIC footage has emerged of a man 'with a knife' being tasered and detained at a railway station while commuters made their way home for the weekend.

The video, shot by Damon Ralph who was waiting for his train home to Skipton, captured the man being tasered and handcuffed on the platform at Keighley railway station at around 6pm today.

Mr Ralph said scores of police officers filed into the station before the man brandished a weapon.

He said: "I was waiting for my train home and everything just seemed calm and normal.

"I heard some police sirens and I thought, it's Friday evening something will be kicking off in the city centre at the pubs.

"Then on my side of the platform about 20 officers started walking down as if they were looking for somebody, and then more came running down the otherside of the platform.

"They were trying to get the public away from this man, and then he just pulled out a knife and refused to drop it. The blade was about 15 to 20 centimetres long, it was hard to judge from where I was.

"They were telling him to drop the knife but he refused, I think they were trying to hit him in the legs to get him on the ground, then used the Taser as a last resort.

"He wasn't shouting, he seemed emotionless. Trains in both directions arrived shortly after so it makes you think what his intentions were if he got on."

Mr Ralph was full of praise for the police for the way they dealt with the incident.

He added: "They were so fast, they were fantastic.

"The police need praising, they were brilliant. They had got the intel from somewhere and acted on it, I cannot fault their response.

"I just want to give them a big thank you from myself and everyone else."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "Police were called to Keighley Railway Station at 5.54pm on Friday after a male was reported to have produced a knife and made threats.

"A description was passed to the attending officers who first spoke to the male in an attempt to get him to drop the weapon.

"The male refused to drop the knife and threatened officers, so attempts were made to knock it out of his hand with a baton before a Taser was deployed.

"The 30-year-old male was given immediate medical attention and the knife was safely recovered.

"He remains in custody at this time."