AFTER their successful blowdown of the Jacob's Well office block in the centre of Bradford, demolition company Thomas Crompton had a mountain of rubble to move.

But luckily for them, they didn't have to move the mountain very far - most of it ended up being dumped in the Wakefield Road roundabout hole that needed to be filled in.

Margaret Crompton said it was just a fortunate coincidence that the company became involved in both jobs.

She said: "Most of the rubble went there - it was a big hole. Several tonnes went to other projects.

"It wasn't planned that way. I don't think even when we started at Jacob's Well the contract for Wakefield Road had been given out."

Mrs Crompton said work on the Jacob's Well site was nearly finished with the rubble now cleared.

She said top soil was being spread on the site and it would be re-seeded next week.

"I was looking round it yesterday. It's a nice spot. You can see the town hall, Alhambra and Odeon.

"When you drive down Manchester Road you're not hit by a giant concrete block like Eastern Europe. You're now hit by city's nice buildings."

She said the material they make from concrete recovered from demolitions like Jacob's Well - MOT type one crushed concrete - was in big demand in construction projects.

She said: "It's used in lots of different things in building like underneath roads and paths. They want to use recycled materials approved for use."

The underpass filled in on Wakefield Road is at the junction of Neville Road and New Hey Road. The roundabout and subway will be replaced with a junction with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. The work will increase the capacity and improve the control of traffic.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “The work to improve this stretch of Wakefield Road is progressing well.

“The majority the subway infilling has been completed and the next stage which includes the construction of a new road layout, the installation of traffic lights and new pedestrian crossings has already started.

“The area will be landscaped and the street lighting on the roundabout will be replaced with more efficient LED lights.

“The work will make the junction safer for pedestrians and motorists, as well as increase the capacity and improve the control of through traffic on this major route and is on track to be completed as expected this summer."