Live music

THE latest in a series of live music gigs at unusual venues in Bradford city centre takes place at the Oastler Centre.

The line-up for the show, on Saturday, April 20, running from 11am to 3.30pm, features Union Jill, Nick Hall and special guest Mark Clayton.

The event is organised by Les Hall, who set up The Sparrow Bier Cafe on North Parade, and Nick Hall, a musician and teacher, who have teamed up to put on gigs in historic and quirky venues. Their first concert, last month, was at Bradford’s German church.

“We got talking about all the great venues in Bradford, our home city, which have the potential to become excellent event venues,” said Les. “It grew from there. Now we’re converting it into reality.”

Their first show - at the Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, in Bradford’s German Church, the Deutsche Evangelica Kirche - was a success and now the pair plan to put on regular gigs, and other events, in places such as markets and cafes in and around the city centre

“The plan is to use establishments that are culturally significant, independent, interesting, and may have slipped from people’s consciousness,” says Les. "While many of these venues haven’t hosted anything like a traditional gig before they’re really great places. Sadly, as is the case for more than one location, they may not be around that much longer.”