A man on trial accused of deliberately running down and killing a pedestrian told murder squad detectives he was innocent and urged them to “get the right people.”

Mohammed Nisar Khan, known as Meggy, said in a prepared statement: "I deny the allegation of murder in relation to the deceased, Amriz Iqbal. I deny the allegation of attempted murder in relation to the injured party, Adnan Ahmed."

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Khan, 41, of Holme Lane, Tong, Bradford, then answered “no comment” to police questions.

He later stated in interview: “I am innocent,” and accused the police of confusing him, telling them “have a proper investigation and get the right people.”

“If you were a real detective you would have the real people here,” he said.

Khan and Tony Grant, 39, of Queens Road, Bradford, deny murdering Amriz Iqbal and attempting to murder Adnan Ahmed in Sandford Road, Bradford Moor, shortly after 1pm on October 3.

Mr Iqbal, 40, a father of three, of Curzon Road, Bradford Moor, sustained a fatal head injury. Mr Ahmed was treated in hospital for injuries including a dislocated shoulder.

Mohammed Nisar Khan and Grant also deny conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, along with Salman Ismail, 31, of Hollin Road, Shipley, Bradford, and Nadeem Khan, 35, of Gledhow Wood Road, Roundhay, Leeds.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court was told today that Mohammed Nisar Khan was arrested on October 16 from Chester Street in Oldham.

Grant was arrested on October 5 and made no reply to all questions put to him by the West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team.

The jury has been told by Grant’s barrister, Tim Raggatt QC, there was “no issue” that his client was in the front seat of the silver Kia Sedona that collided with Mr Iqbal and Mr Ahmed.

Nadeem Khan, who was arrested on October 4 on suspicion of involvement in Mr Iqbal’s alleged murder, told detectives: “It was the worst shock I’ve ever had.”

The motor trader said he had received three WhatsApp calls in a minute on the afternoon of October 3 telling him to: “Take the Kia off the MID (Motor Insurance Database)”

Nadeen Khan said he removed it immediately, thinking the vehicle must have been involved in an accident that would affect his insurance premium.

He said the call was from someone called G who he had seen at the gym, but it was a really bad line and it didn’t sound like him.

One of his friends later sent a picture on WhatsApp of “a funeral of a boy called Major” he told the police. Later, there were videos posted on Snapchat showing a helicopter and the police that made him panic about the Kia and he deleted the three calls.

After his arrest, Khan, the father of two young children, told the police: “I don’t even know what’s happened. I’m a family guy.”

Ismail was interviewed by the police on November 26 on suspicion of conspiracy to murder, and to commit arson by attempting to destroy CCTV footage of Grant and Mohammed Nisar Khan at the Whitehall Service Station in Birkenshaw.

Ismail told detectives he was “really upset” and had nothing to do with the alleged offences.

“It’s not my scene, stuff like this,” he stated.

He said he was praying at the mosque on Silverhill Drive, Bradford Moor, at around the time of the fatal collision.

He came out of the mosque at about 1.40pm to see a helicopter and to learn that someone had passed away.

Ismail made no comment to all further police questions.

The trial continues.