A 24-HOUR alcohol licence has been granted to a Bradford filling station – a decision that led to one objector storming out of the meeting.

Bradford Council's District Licensing Panel met this morning to discuss an application that would allow the Spar store at the BP filling station on Wakefield Road to serve alcohol throughout the day and night.

During the meeting Councillors heard from objectors, including Dave McHugh, who lives opposite the filling station.

He was one of 50 people in the area who had signed a petition calling for the drinks licence to be refused.

Two letters of objection had been submitted to the Council, one from the local Post Office and another from a nearby off-licence, claiming the filling station's licence would lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area and could damage their businesses.

The application had been submitted by Malthurst Retail, owners of the filling station and hundreds of others across the country. Robert Botkai, representing the applicants, said the business ran over 500 filling stations with 24-hour alcohol licences, and that there had been few issues resulting from those licences.

He pointed out that some of the objections - that a 24 hour drinks licence at the station would provide competition for existing businesses, were not valid licensing objections.

On claims the licence would lead to a rise in drink driving he said; "You can drive to supermarkets and off-licences that sell alcohol, it doesn't mean you will then drink and drive away."

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Mr McHugh spoke of his objections to the plans, saying HGV's delivering to the site had damaged his car in the past, and regularly led to conflict between drivers and residents.

He said: "I have trouble with drivers throwing rubbish outside my house. It is a persecution of residents, I don't think people should have to put up with this. It's unfair."

Councillor Mike Ellis (Cons, Bingley) said: "Complaints about HGV drivers is not something we can take into account under the licensing act."

Mr Botkai said the area manager would speak to residents about any existing issues at the filling station.

After a deliberation the panel decided to approve the application.

As the decision was being read out Mr McHugh rose from his seat and left the room. He then returned saying: "The Council doesn't listen to local residents, it only helps big business. I'm never voting for Bradford Council." He slammed the door of the committee room as he left.

Chair of the Committee Councillor Malcolm Slater (Lab, Keighley East) reminded objectors that if any problems of anti social behaviour did arise, they could call for the business to have its licence reviewed.