A FORMER rector at The Monastery, Middleton Lodge, Ilkley, has celebrated his 100th birthday at The St Joseph’s Parish Irish Centre club, Highgate, London.

Fr Chris Kelly CP (pictured, centre) was born in Belfast on April 2 1919. He joined the Passionists in early 1939, and was ordained a priest on 28th April 1945. He was initially involved in the formation of students and later he was stationed in Sutton, Minsteracres and Ilkley, mainly in local ministry with some preaching in missions. He has been based in Highgate for almost 40 years. He was a well-known priest in charge of the monastery when it was run by the Cross and Passion Diocese, before closing. He will still be well known to many Catholic families from the Wharfe Valley as a well liked and respected gentleman.