GIVING up chocolate and turning pedal power into pounds are just some of the creative ways these children are raising money for a local children’s hospice.

Nine-year-old Jared Miller gave up chocolate for a month during his fundraising Dechox.

Jared, from Bradford, was inspired to support Martin House Hospice for children and young people, Wetherby, through his family’s involvement with the hospice.

His six-year-old uncle, William, has autism and his eight-year-old auntie, Lillie, has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and seeing the respite care and other benefits the charity brings to families such as his and other families first-hand inspired Jared to support the charity.

“They are an amazing charity, an amazing place,” says Jared’s proud mum Emma.

She says Jared ‘absolutely loves chocolate’ and decided he would forego his favourite treats throughout February to help raise money for Martin House.

“He has been to Martin House and seen the good things they do for the family and he decided he would raise money for them,” explains Emma.

Initially Jared hoped to raise £50 but at the last count his fundraising efforts had topped £200.

“Everybody is so proud of him.

“He is a very compassionate little boy. I am very very proud of him,” says Emma.

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The loss of an important family member prompted young fundraiser Phoenix Kitcher-Paige to turn pedal power into pounds.

The six-year-old’s mum Ruth explains his decision to embark on a sponsored cycle ride for Martin House came following the loss of her grandfather in 2018.

“Whilst me and my kids have always had an open dialogue about death and dying, this really brought things home and all of my children felt the loss and sadness that a death brings,” explains Ruth.

Through Ruth’s work as an antenatal teacher and doula the family, who live in East Morton, were already aware of the fragility of life and the impact that has on families and the community.

“Just before Christmas, Phoenix came to me, totally unprompted and said he wanted to do something to raise money to help people. I said ok, what would he like to do and who would he like to help. After his first idea of flossing for 24 hours was reflected on and rejected, he then said he wanted to do a sponsored bike ride.

Ruth says Phoenix’s intention is to raise the money to give children who are ill a nice surprise or ‘something to make them happy.’

“For him it’s just giving them something to make them happy,” says Ruth.

Phoenix is now in training for his 19 mile cycle ride from his home in East Morton to Leeds Railway Station on June 2 - his seventh Birthday. Phoenix hopes to raise as much money as he can for Martin House.

“This is the gift he is giving - he is giving his Birthday date to do this special thing,” says Ruth.

Phoenix has already had support through his fundraising page and is hoping to top his £1,000 target.

His nine-year-old sister, Evangeline, has taken sponsor forms into school and his other siblings, Brandon, 10 and two-year-old Skylar are also supporting him on his fundraising mission - along with his parents who will be cycling by his side.

Ruth says she is also hoping that Phoenix’s favourite singer, George Ezra, will also send a message of support.

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Five-year-old Ellie Dobson’s mum Jess, explains how her daughter wanted to raise money for children ‘who were facing difficulties or weren’t as fortunate as her.’

Ellie, who is currently learning about castles at school, opted to do a ‘really big walk’ and on March 2 Ellie embarked on her 6.5 miles (10km) route which culminated at Skipton Castle.

Her proud mum, Jess, said her daughter was a ‘superstar.’

“She is a bouncy, vibrant little girl with a huge heart,” says Jess.Having visited Martin House, Ellie decided to help fund the Martin House’s bereavement support group for siblings.

Jess recalls Ellie’s decision to raise money for the charity was triggered by a conversation they had over Christmas.

“It was a conversation we had around Christmas talking about some children who are not as lucky as she is. She decided she wanted to do something for children and we talked about the charities and found Martin House,” explains Jess.

Jess says Ellie, who also has a three-year-old sister Aoife, had initially contemplated doing a sponsored silence but, as a family, they enjoy being in the outdoors and Ellie decided to do a sponsored walk instead.

Ellie, from Baildon, had hoped to raise £100 - but has already topped her target raising £400.

“She is really chuffed,” says Jess.

She says Ellie is particularly keen to support the charity’s bereavement support group for siblings.

As a children’s doctor, Jess says she has had the privilege of spending spend some time at Martin House and appreciates the amazing support staff provide for children and their families.

“It is a place of rest, love and care, but also a place full of laughter, smiles, friendship and memories,” she says.

Adding: “I am so proud of Ellie for seeing the value in such a wonderful place.”

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Chris Verney, Martin House regional fundraiser for Bradford, says: “It’s incredible to see children raising money for other children, particularly by taking on such a variety of challenges.

“Phoenix, Ellie and Jared have all shown amazing levels of enterprise in coming up with their fundraising events, and we can’t wait to see how they get on.

“We’d like to give them a huge thank you on behalf of everyone at Martin House for helping us to care for children and young people and their families.”