A NEW footbridge has been opened to allow pedestrians to cross the Guiseley to Shipley railway line near Baildon Station which links Hawthorn View with Fyfe Lane.

Representatives from Baildon Walkers are Welcome, Bradford MDC, Baildon Town Council , Friends of Baildon Station, Baildon Sustainable Transport Group, Northern Trains, Network Rail and other community groups met at the bridge to share the occasion.

The footbridge carries a walking route which connects the path along the River Aire with the centre of Baildon. It is an important route for residents and for walking groups such as Walkers are Welcome who use the route for guided walks.

The major engineering task has been undertaken by contractors for Network Rail.

Jonny Ham, scheme project manager, IP SNE Renewals said: “This was a challenging location due to the steep cutting and using two road rail cranes was one of the few possibilities that would’ve worked for us.

“We even looked at lifting it out using a Chinook helicopter.”