NAZ SHAH has reported a man to police after he masturbated himself in front of her on a London bus.

The Bradford West MP said the incident happened as she arrived to work in Whitehall at 10.50am yesterday.

She said: "I was completely shocked and was feeling sick about it.

"He casually sat there.

"I didn't know what to do with myself.

"I've never experienced anything like that.

"Women should be allowed to go about their business without this happening."

Ms Shah said the man "had his bits hanging out" and was masturbating as she got off the bus. She reported it to the driver but the man had gone. She then told two police officers about the incident and said the Metropolitan Police are investigating it.

She hoped CCTV on the bus would help identify him.

A tweet she posted about the incident had attracted more than 19 comments, 100 likes and 50 retweets late this afternoon.

She said she was wasn't going to tweet about it until she discovered in a Youtube video that 90% of people would not report unwanted sexual behaviour and she felt if she didn't report it, it would add to that statistic.

She added: "It was really important for me to share the Youtube video."