A FILLING station on a major Bradford Road could soon be the latest to be granted an alcohol licence, despite a number of objections.

Malthurst Retail, the owners of the MRH filling station on Wakefield Road, recently submitted a licensing application to Bradford Council that would allow the store at the filling station to sell alcohol for 24 hours a day.

It would also be able to serve “late night refreshment” - hot food and drink, from 11pm to 5am. A licence is needed to serve food at this time of the night.

The application has attracted a number of objections, including a petition signed by over 50 people.

A decision whether to grant the licence will be made by Bradford Council’s Bradford District Licensing Panel when they meet in City Hall next Wednesday.

The business is a BP filling station with a Spar convenience store.

A petition signed by 56 people, who say they are concerned about the availability of alcohol for 24 hours a day, has been presented to the Council.

Alcohol licences for petrol stations in Saltaire and on Barkerend Road are approved

The petition had been in the East Bowling Post Office, and says: “We believe that the sale of alcohol 24 hours a day from the service station would negatively affect our local business and also result in greater amounts of anti social behaviour in the community.

“We are against the permit being awarded and urge the Council to reconsider the impact of such trading to the local vicinity, residents and small businesses.”

Many of the objectors are from nearby roads such as Paley Terrace, Oakshaw Court and Merchant’s Court.

There is also a letter from an off licence on Paley Road with similar wording. It also claims it would lead to more people drink driving.

The company says it will have CCTV at the filling stations, and staff would ask for identification for anyone wanting to buy alcohol who looked under 25.

Earlier this year plans to sell alcohol at two other filling stations was approved by the Council’s licensing committee.

Licensing applications for both the Shell station on Bingley Road, Saltaire, and for the Spar store at a filling station on Barkerend Road had met with a number of objections.

They raised similar objections to those raised for the Wakefield Road plans - increased risk of drink driving and anti social behaviour late into the evening.

When the applications went before a licensing panel in January, members were told that residents’ fears were based on “anxiety rather than evidence.”

Members questioned if the sale of alcohol would make it more likely people would drink drive, but were told “No more than a car park at Sainsbury’s would.”

The licensing committee meets in City Hall next Wednesday at 10am.