A neo-Nazi terror suspect who entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant suggested that "immigrant" families enjoying Bradford's Mirror Pool should be "napalmed", a court heard.

Alice Cutter, 22, is accused of making the vile racist comments after she spotted a black woman and her children enjoying themselves in Bradford.

A court heard how she wrote of her "horror" when she saw the woman in a swimming costume as she relaxed with her family in warm weather during the spring of 2017.

She also branded women involved in mixed-raced relationships as "mentally-deficient sluts", jurors were told.

Cutter is accused of making a string of offensive comments in a series of online chats with members of far-right extremist group National Action.

She is on trial along with partner Mark Jones, 24, Garry Jack, 23, and Connor Scothern, 18, who all deny being members of a proscribed organisation.

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC told Birmingham Crown Court how Cutter posted the messages in a group called “Triple K Mafia”.

On April 1, 2017, the court heard she wrote: "There’s this weird little pond in the centre of my city [Bradford] and all the immigrant children are let loose in it naked as soon as it gets to about 15 degrees outside.

“Some of the adults too. I seen a black woman in a swimming costume in there last year with about 59,000,000 children running around her screaming.

“It’s literally horror tier to me.

“I’d prefer to be chased by an axe-wielding maniac than see those sights again."

After National Action member Fletcher suggested “poisoning the water”, Cutter is alleged to have replied: “N.A.P.A.L.M.”

Jurors heard in an earlier discussion, Cutter gave her thoughts on women in the far-right movement and told members she "wasn't in it for the dick."

Fletcher posted in the group on March 24, 2017: “Women need to be taught morality and right/wrong.

“They need a strong man to follow."

The court heard Cutter replied: "I see more men involved but it doesn’t mean lasses into this are faking for men all the time.

“No offence but there’s loads of other reasons to be involved haha.

“I think Nationalist girls are less seen. Because they’re less involved in groups.

“But they exist and need scooping up if they’re in the same area. I know a couple willing to meet me over summer which is cool.

“Definitely not in it for the dick even though Nationalist men constantly embarrass themselves by flinging themselves at any lass who even makes a Hitler joke.”

In other discussions, Cutter is alleged to have asked members about their "favourite swastikas" and complained about "p*kis" living on her street.

In a chat about a website which shows demographic information for streets in the UK she is said to have posted: “There isn’t that many p*kis on my street even if it is bad enough haha. Maybe the stats are off.

“We’re both moving next month to somewhere where the stats are a lot cleaner at least.

“The only reason there’s any multicultural s**t on the street where we are going is because there’s some shops owned by them.

"The place itself is extremely white which is nice.

“Valkyrie swastika is my favourite swastika. Does anyone else have a favourite swastika, show me your faves."

The jury were told she also discussed a conversation with her mother, who was distraught at Cutter’s Nazi views.

A message posted on April 12, 2017 said: “My brother told my mum gas chambers didn’t exist. And now she’s shouted at me.

“I told her they definitely didn’t exist and that Hitler was right and now she’s nearly crying.

“Oh well. She’s never known me to say anything like this and she looks like she’s going to have an actual panic attack.

“I don’t care, she doesn’t know what she’s on about.”

Mr Jameson said Cutter later made bigoted comments about mixed race couples, in which she stated: “I don’t think we have been fully indoctrinated into seeing [mixed race couples] as normal yet.

“It’s not actually normal yet, even if people seem to think it is.

“They know it’s not working quite so well as they’d like yet.

“I can think of a few examples where they might physically look high value but they’re mentally-deficient sluts.

“I used to say ‘if I fell in love with someone, who knows but I just don’t think I like people who aren’t white’, knowing full-well I wouldn’t ever do that kind of thing.

“All the liberals I used to hang around with pretty much said the same.

“Ask me why I lied when I was 16/17? Because I actually had mates then and I wasn’t overtly racist then haha."

The trial continues.