CRAVEN College has become linked up with Leeds United to become a Sports Hub, starting in September.

Specialist sports coaches from Leeds United will train students at Craven, and students will also be able to undertake work experience with the club and use the club's training and gym facilities.

It will give students access to the latest information on psychology, nutrition and fitness.

George White, a sports student from Bingley, said: "Having the Leeds United coaches coming in and working with us will bring a whole new level of excitement to attending College.

"Being able to work with people who are part of a big club like Leeds United will make for a great learning experience."

Spencer Taylor, director of education at Leeds United, said the club is "proud to welcome" Craven as its first Sports Hub.

He said: "This particular partnership is really exciting.

"It allows us to reach out into the wider community using the power of sport to help students progress through educational pathways.

"We’re proud to welcome Craven College as our inaugural Sports Hub, and aim to provide their students with a unique experience during their studies."

Andrew Cropley, principal at Craven, added: "The value of this programme for our students is enormous.

"We have completely overhauled our Sports courses and are delighted to be working with Leeds United who bring real professionalism as well as huge excitement.

"This joint venture makes our curriculum unique in the area."

The partnership will be launched at an event at the college's Aireville Campus on April 2, where students will be led in training and classroom sessions by Leeds coaches.