BRADFORD’S taxi drivers have launched a new scheme offering discounted trips in an effort to save people money and also reduce the number of ‘empty’ trips drivers make.

The Hackney Carriage Association, with the approval of Bradford Council, has started the new campaign, and is hoping to get as many drivers on board in the coming weeks as possible.

Members of the public travelling into Bradford city centre will now be able flag down taxis heading back into the centre if they are empty, and will only be charged £1 per person for the trip.

All people have to do is look out for taxis displaying signage which reads, “Going to town? Flag me down” to take advantage of the offer.

It only applies for journeys into Bradford city centre, and does not apply to private hire cars. Trips from the city centre will be charged at the normal fare rate.

Mohammed Khan, chair of the Hackney Carriage Association, said he hopes the new scheme will reduce the number of “empty” trips drivers have to make - journeys carrying no passengers - and also offer people affordable travel into the city centre.

He said: “We were just waiting to get formal approval from Bradford Council to put banners in our taxis.

“We are licensed to be flagged down in the street, and it will cost only £1 per person for people going into the city centre.

“A lot of our drivers are interested in signing up, and we have more than 30 drivers signed up so far.

“We are hoping to get as many drivers as possible signed up soon so people don’t miss out on the offer.”

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said the authority welcomes the new scheme.

She said: “The Hackney Carriage Association sets fares with the local authority.

“We welcome their recent proposal which will allow people to flag down and use vehicles who are returning to the city centre as it will reduce the number of trips being made without passengers who can also benefit from a reduced fare.

“Taxis can offer a reduced fare but they cannot offer a fare above what has been approved.”

According to Bradford Council’s Hackney Carriage Conditions and Standards, “two children under the age of ten years shall be regarded as one person, and children under the age of three years shall not be reckoned, provided they are accompanied by an adult”.

There are a maximum of 222 Hackney Carriage drivers in Bradford, all of whom have to pass driver training modules, hold a valid DBS and be fit to drive.