A SERIES of traffic orders around Valley Parade, including match day parking restrictions, will be discussed by Councillors on Wednesday.

Proposed new orders would include parking bans when Bradford City Football Club have a home game, and would include roads around the stadium, such as Midland Road and Valley Parade.

The plans were recently put out to public consultation, and will be discussed by Bradford Council's Bradford West Area Committee at 6pm on Wednesday.

The Council says: "At present supporters’ park indiscriminately around the stadium making it difficult for businesses to operate, and obstruct pedestrians and road users.

"The advertised proposals would improve access to local businesses, businesses associated with Bradford City FC as well as managing the parking close to the football ground, thereby improving emergency access, pedestrian safety and movements around the perimeter of the stadium."

Plans for new traffic order on Idle Road to be scrapped by Council

There will be disabled parking added, as well as spaces for team and supporters' buses.

There has been a petition objecting to the scheme that has been signed by 45 people. But a Council report into the proposals says: "The petitioners object to the proposals but have not stated the grounds on which their objection is made.

"There is also no identifiable lead petitioner who can be contacted to discuss this matter."

Members have been advised to approve the traffic orders.

The Committee meets at 6pm in City Hall.