A PIONEERING Bradford doctor who created acid-proof make-up in a bid to confront the vile crime of acid attacks will share her story at a festival later this year.

Dr Almas Ahmed, who hails from Manningham, first revealed her life-changing invention in the Telegraph & Argus last year.

Since then, her story has been shared nationally and globally amid the worrying scourge of acid attacks.

Dr Ahmed will now speak at a 'Facing Brave: Women take on the acid-throwers' panel discussion at the Leeds International Festival on May 7.

Curated by the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds, Facing Brave will look at the people fighting back against the aggressive crime of acid attack.

Joining Dr Ahmed will be Skin Scientist Dr Julie Thornton, who will explore the scientific challenge of skin burns, drawing on her experience of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit at the Centre for Skin Sciences, which was founded following the 1985 Bradford City fire.

And women's rights expert Danielle Cornish Spencer will give a first-hand account of the international fight against violence against women and girls, and set out some of the global and political challenges of acid throwin.

Nat Edwards, CEO of Thackray Medical Museum said: “The story of how Dr Ahmed has created the world’s first acid-proof make-up is a remarkable one – made even more so for us by the fact that she was inspired to become a doctor on a school trip to the Thackray Medical Museum.

"This is a big global story about human invention and refusing to bow down to power – but it’s also a story about how the littlest moment can spark extraordinary things.”

Dr Ahmed was inspired to create the make-up after reading about Katie Piper's horrific ordeal.

The inspirational campaigner has rebuilt her life after surviving an acid attack back in March 2008, when she was just 24 years old.

Her attacker, Stefan Sylvestre, was released from prison last year after serving nine years in jail for the despicable crime.

Dr Ahmed is now at the production stage and is sourcing factories to produce the make-up. She is also writing a book on how she created the product in the hope of inspiring other innovators. Organisers of the panel said: "Facing Brave, the story of how acid throwers are being taken on by women globally, proves to be a powerful and compelling event that will show how each of us has the power to imagine, invent and to transform our word for the better." Visit leedsinternationalfestival.com for further information.