MORE unauthorised charity clothing bins have been seized by Bradford Council.

The Authority had already removed 40 "unauthorised and illegal" clothing bins this month, and yesterday removed another two from a site at Harewood Street, off Barkerend Road.

A large amount of fly tipping was also removed from the area around the bins.

The Council says the bins they have seized were placed without the land owner's consent or the relevant permissions, and often block footways.

Any clothing recovered is donated to BIU Group, the textile recycling partner for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and all unclaimed clothing banks will be recycled for scrap metal by the council after one month.

Councillor Alex Ross Shaw, Bradford Council's Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: "We’ve tried to deal with this informally and in most cases the clothing banks are removed, however they tend to appear in other locations causing the same issues.

"No-one really knows where the items end up, most of the time they don’t benefit charity."

Tim Cooper, General Manager at BIU Group, said: "We are delighted that Bradford Council has been able to recover textiles from these illegal clothing banks. The funds raised will go towards helping to support the vital work of our charity partners."

If people want to donate their unwanted clothing the best thing to do is either to take them to their local charity shop for resale, take them to their local household waste site, where they will be recycled or use a legal clothing bank from a properly registered charity.