A DEVELOPMENT of nearly 170 homes could be built on the former headquarters of a major Bradford catalogue company.

A planning application has been lodged by Gleeson Homes for the Otto House site in Lidget Green.

Freemans Grattan Holdings had been at the site in Lidget Green since the 1930s, before moving to Little Germany.

Its Otto House headquarters was demolished in 2012 and the site, at the junction of Ingleby Road and Northside Road, has been vacant since.

Outline planning permission for up to 220 homes on the site was granted back in 2016, but a full application has now been submitted.

At the time, some concern was raised about over an increase in traffic that the proposed site could produce.

The application says the new estate would include 54 two-bedroom homes, 102 three-bedroom homes and 11 four-bedroom semi-detached and detached homes.

"Gleeson focuses solely in building low cost homes for people on low incomes in areas of industrial decline and social and economic deprivation," the application says.

"The company builds a range of affordable homes for sale to people who would otherwise be unable to afford a new home, thereby helping them onto the property ladder."

It adds that the homes are priced so they can be afforded by "90 per cent of couples in full time employment".

The application says: "The proposal would see the redevelopment of previously developed brownfield land.

"The proposed residential development would make a significant contribution to the Council’s housing supply and, importantly, the Council’s required five-year housing land supply targets."

The application also says the development would "foster social inclusion" by providing accommodation for local people who cannot currently afford to live in the Bradford area.

It adds: "The development would provide for increased housing choice/mix in Bradford. As well as smaller housing for first time buyers, the development will provide a range of larger two, three- and four-bedroom family housing."

"The new population that would occupy the new homes would help to sustain existing shops, services and public transport in the nearby neighbourhood."

The planning statement says the site will have two main access points - one from Northside Road and a second from Ingleby Road.

"Some homes, on Northside Road, will have direct access to and from their property onto Northside Road," it says. "These entrance points will provide access to all other areas within the site through various estate roads and private driveways."

A determination deadline for the proposal has been set for June 20.