SCHOOL aged youngsters from over 100 countries have taken to the streets to make the case for positive action to reduce climate change.

Us older folk, living off the fat of the land, and producing increasing amounts of CO2, seem to assume that we will have moved on before the change we are responsible for really kicks in, so we need not only telling but also showing how we should be behaving.

This means that the youngsters should not only be talking about what needs doing, but it should be their new way of life, changing the way they have been brought up and developing a lifestyle that ensures far less CO2 produced in the future.

This will be the key and it will be very difficult for them as they are bombarded by advertising, attractive and CO2 intensive lifestyles, and the enticement to buy as much as they can and to have as many clothes and accessories as possible.

Tackling climate change is not just an essay topic, it’s a completely new way of living and I would expect young people to take it on board if they are serious. They will have enormous opportunities to show what is important, particularly at school and at home, where they will have to challenge CO2 dominated adults.

At school they should demand and expect that it’s a central part of the curriculum, and that the school uses energy efficient heating, has relevant cycle storage units, provides CO2 reduced meals and doesn’t have trips aboard that involve flying.

At home there should be a rarely used small car, and all the family should ride bikes. There should be thermal panels on the roof, and high levels of insulation. The garden should produce food, not flowers, and if large enough have a tree or two.

I would expect such committed young people to have passed the driving test, but not own a car, and they should make their clothes last twice as long as they do at the moment, as well as having fewer pairs of shoes.

Show us what to do, young people.