Ten regular street drinkers in Bradford’s top of town area have been issued with community protection warnings by police.

Officers took action against individuals who have been spotted frequently drinking in Rawson Road, near the Oastler shopping centre.

PCSO James Clarke, part of the police team covering Bradford city centre, tweeted: “Busy day today.

“Ten community protection warnings issued to our regular drinkers on Rawson Road. These set conditions to them on how we require them to behave.

“If they disobey, a notice will be served meaning they can be arrested every time they breach the conditions of it.”

PCSO Clarke later added: “Many of the city’s drinkers/beggars/drug users are regularly informed about engagement services available to them. Some want to make a difference to their lives and will accept the help and support being offered but most of them don't. These are the ones we deal with daily.”