A LANDLORD has slammed Bradford Council's A-board policy and accused the authority of hindering businesses after he was told to remove his signs.

Sean Garvey has run the New Inn pub, in Denholme, for the last nine years and returned to his premises on Wednesday to find stickers on his A-boards informing him he will be fined £250 per board if they are not removed from the pavement.

Mr Garvey claims pedestrians, wheelchairs and prams all have enough room to get past the signs and they do not cause an obstruction.

He has pointed out to the Telegraph & Argus that cars parking on the curb and wheelie bins created more of an obstruction than his A-boards.

"It's disgusting what the council has done when businesses in Bradford are struggling.

"They are placed quite sensibly and are not blocking the footpath.

"They give pedestrians the option to move around them.

"As you get further onto my land the footpath is swamped with wheelie bins and cars blocking the footpath.

"I could understand this happening if I was blocking the road and footpath, but they are placed there to advertise my business with enough room for people to get round.

"I'm trying to think of everybody."

The ban first came into effect on April 1 last year, but was announced in November 2017, and was trialled for 12 months in 2016 throughout Bradford city centre, Saltaire, Ilkley and Leeds Road.

When the ban was first announced it proved controversial, with businesses claiming such advertisements were important and removing them could harm trade. But it was welcomed by disabled groups across the district, who say A-boards can prove dangerous to disabled and partially sighted people.

Enforcement is carried out by Council Wardens, Highway Enforcement Officers and Traffic Officers.

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “A-boards can be hazardous to blind and partially sighted people regardless of the width of the pavement.

“They can also block wheelchair users and parents with children in pushchairs, so with cross-party support, the council banned them in April 2018.

“All district businesses received a letter informing them of the ban with their 2018 business rates information and many firms have already removed their A-boards voluntarily.”

Information about the ban can be found at: www.bradford.gov.uk/transport-and-travel/highways/control-of-advertising-boards-on-the-highway-pavements-of-the-bradford-district/