BRADFORD Council's decision to refuse a housing development on Greenbelt land has been upheld by a planning inspector.

Last March the Council refused an application to build eight houses on a former garage site off Main Street, Addingham, near the cricket club.

Officers pointed out that the land was greenbelt, and that the homes would be unsuitable for the area.

Applicants Berkeley DeVeer decided to appeal the Council's decision, but now that appeal has been dismissed by a government planning inspector.

Appeal over Greenbelt building conversion in Queensbury

Inspector W Johnson's decision notice says: "In this case, I have found harm from inappropriateness as well as a loss of openness to the Green Belt. Additionally, I have found harm to the character and appearance of the area. The very special circumstances necessary to justify the development do not exist.

"Whilst I acknowledge there would be some limited economic and social benefits resulting from the development they are not sufficient to outweigh the harm."