SHIPLEY town centre, and its outdoor market, could be transformed thanks to £1 million of funding that will be used to make it a “healthier” place.

The town has been awarded a grant from West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Healthy Streets programme, and the windfall can be used for schemes such as boosting pedestrian and cycle links, improving air quality and introducing more greenery to the urban centre.

Healthy Streets was pioneered by Transport for London and seeks to put people and their health at the heart of discussions around the future of public streets and spaces.

Bradford Council says Shipley’s outdoor market, at the heart of the town, will be “central” to the project, and officers will soon be consulting with traders, business owners and residents about how the money will be spent.

The project will see the Council work with residents and partners to improve air quality, safety, introduce more places to stop and relax, and boost walking, cycling and public transport.

Typical Healthy Streets projects include public realm works to improve accessibility, lowering speed limits and improving greenery and vegetation.

"Business development zones" planned to boost employment in Bradford, Keighley and Shipley

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport at Bradford Council, said: “This investment is fantastic news for Shipley.

“Healthy Streets is about making places more enjoyable and pleasant to spend time in, boosting people’s well-being but also increasing footfall into our town and city centres.

“A lot of businesses and residents have said that we could do so much more with the outdoor market space, so we’ll be considering that as part of this project.

“Shipley’s a great town that is attracting a lot of interest at the moment and this funding should help give us a town centre we can really be proud of.”

The town’s outdoor market stalls have been in place since the 1990s, and operate three days a week.

However the static stalls are un-used for the rest of the week

A Bradford Council Spokesman said: “Traders have been informed of the funding and will be fully consulted as part of any proposals that are considered.”

The work to improve the town centre is expected to start next year.

Rob Martin is the chair of a campaign to create a Town Council for Shipley. He welcomed the news, and said many of the changes that this funding could bring are issues the campaign has raised with Bradford Council. He said: “It is very pleasing that the district Council has taken and is doing things that our campaign has been highlighting over the last year. The future town council looks forward to working with the district Council to keep improving Shipley.”

Councillor Vick Jenkins (Lab, Shipley) said: "Shipley could not have had better news today.

"I am hoping this boost of Healthy Streets money, will also help us to kick start a new forum. I"d like this to bring business new and old, community groups and members of the public together to pool ideas and energy to create a vibrant Shipley."

Councillor Martin Love (Green, Shipley) said: "It would be good for the Canal Road scheme to deal with issues like speeding on Manor Lane and Hall Royd and this fund to be spent on the town centre.

"They could have things like planters to help slow traffic down.

"I think the market needs more than just a physical makeover. It needs to be made more attractive to the traders."