A HOUSING provider has been given the go ahead to flatten three blocks of flats in Bingley.

Incommunities submitted plans to knock down the 50-year-old tower blocks at Crosley Wood – Peel House, Brunswick House And Adelaide House last month.

And now Bradford Council has approved the demolition.

The company has re-housed most of the residents, and plans to start demolition work in August once any remaining residents have been moved. The building will be pulled down “using mechanical means” rather than by controlled explosion.

The demolition work is expected to last until November, and the site will then be fenced off until work to re-develop the site begins.

Three blocks of flats in Bingley could be demolished in August

Last August Incommunities began the process of re-housing the 129 residents of the flats due to dangerous gas pipes that residents were told posed a health and safety risk.

It followed a review of its high rise flats following the Grenfell Tower disaster. At the time the organisation said: “The survey found that although the buildings are structurally sound the presence of a piped gas supply in the building does present a risk and needs to be removed.

“The cost and disruption of this makes the future of these buildings unviable given that demand for these properties is very low.”

Incommunities says the plans to redevelop the site are in an “early stage.” any re-development work will require a separate planning application.