A BID for funding to create better links between Bradford’s two main rail stations has been unsuccessful.

Bradford Forster Square station is due to undergo a major transformation in the coming years - with the construction of a new station building, improved security and unused rail arches being turned into shops and small businesses.

The works will cost £17.3 million, but last year West Yorkshire Combined Authority applied for government funding that would make the refurbishment even bigger.

A bid to the government’s Transforming Cities Fund would have allowed the project to expand to the infrastructure around the station and encourage more commuters to walk or cycle there.

The Authority said a successful bid would have created “cycling and pedestrian improvements between Bradford Forster Square and Bradford Interchange.”

But this week the Authority was informed that although it will get £2.2 million for two projects in West Yorkshire, the Forster Square bid had been unsuccessful.

Committee accepts delays to major Bradford rail station projects

Instead £1.9 million will go towards a project to improve cycling and walking access at Dewsbury and Huddersfield rail stations through improved information displays, safety measures and other enhancements. And £300,000 will be used in York to deliver improved cycle routes connected to Scarborough Bridge.

A Combined Authority bid to provide more “clean bus corridors” in the Leeds City Region area, which would likely include routes between Bradford and Leeds, was also unsuccessful.

However, it is hoped that a similar bid for Forster Square could be submitted in the next round of Transforming Cities funding.

The refurbishment work on the station, which will not be affected by the failed bid, is due to be completed in December 2021.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “Obviously we’re disappointed not to have received any funding in this round of the Government’s Transforming Cities fund.

“We’ve been told we can consider the feedback and resubmit as part of the next round. It is good to see they were keen on our proposals around improving connectivity between the two city centre stations. We’ll be taking a look at this element in particular for the next round of funding.

“We will continue to work on delivering the redevelopment of Forster Square Railway Station and look at any other opportunities that come up to make the scheme even better.”